3 Great Technologies to Incorporate Into Your Trade Show Booth

Check out high-tech ways that can give your trade show booth a leg up on the competition.

Trade show booths come in all shapes and sizes, but the fact is, each booth is always striving to stand out in some way. Flashy graphics, banner displays, and giveaways are all useful for creating a unique booth, but you should check out all of your options for making your booth a knockout. Trade show booths may seem like a low-tech option for marketing your business, but in reality there are plenty of opportunities to incorporate cutting edge technology. If you aren’t already experimenting with new technology for your booth, then you need to check out some of your options. And even if you are, you might just find some new ideas to supplement your booth design.

3 Great Technologies to Incorporate Into Your Trade Show Booth

1. Live Streaming

Live streaming your booth activity is a great way to advertise and market your business to an even larger population than the trade show attendees. Bloggers, journalists, and even new customers can pick up the feed. This is a great way to show off an in-booth demo of a product, begin a Q&A session, or even launch a new product. Whatever you choose to show off in your booth is much more likely to be seen by a large audience if you stream it, as well. And having more eyes on your business is rarely a bad thing.


2. Video Monitors

Think about all the ways your booth can stand out at a trade show. Almost all of them are going to involve visual stimuli that help your booth snag the attention of passersby. What better way to catch an attendee’s eye than to have a video display of your product mounted on your booth? Potential customers don’t even have to take time to read about your company, because you can show them exactly who you are and what you do through a short video or demonstration. This is an excellent way to build interest in your booth from a distance, as a visually stunning video can attract people in a way that graphics on a display just can’t replicate. Trust us when we say that a video of your product demo will turn more heads than a few sentences describing the same thing.


3. Tablets

Another easy and sensible idea for introducing a high-tech vibe to your booth is the use of tablets. If a potential lead writes down his or her information and then disappears, you have to trust their handwriting and your ability to decipher it. Tablets take poor handwriting or a lack of information out of the equation all together. You will end up with everything neatly typed, with sections for each bit of information you need to contact them and assess their needs. Tablets have been dropping in price, so if you don’t already have access, getting ahold of a couple shouldn’t break the bank.


Incorporating some new technology into your trade show booth can help give it a cutting edge feel, while showing that your company is willing and able to move with the times. There really isn’t any reason to skip out on some of the amazing new additions to trade show technology.

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