3 Ways To Get The Most Out Of Your Trade Show Budget

Follow these tried and true tips at your next trade show to stretch your budget and get your maximum ROI.

There are so many different pieces to the trade show booth puzzle, and putting them all together can be a complicated task. Now, add “under budget” to that sentence, and you have a whole new layer of complexity. Budgeting for your trade shows can definitely be a headache if you don’t take the right approach. Putting up a booth that includes banner displays, graphics, and the hottest new technology doesn’t sound cheap, but we’re here to show you how it can be done with a few proven budgeting tricks.

Three Ways to get the most out of your trade show display

Pick The Right Shows

One of the best ways to save money for your trade show budget is to simply not exhibit at shows that aren’t worth your time. Picking only the trade shows that are right for your business may be time consuming, but it will save you money, as well as a ton of wasted time in the long run. Think about it like this—spreading yourself too thin is inevitably going to decrease the quality of your exhibition and the number of leads you generate. Isn’t it better to give it everything you’ve got at a few shows that you know have the potential for a huge ROI? When it comes down to it, it really is quality over quantity for trade show exhibitions.


Be Flexible With Your Booth

The trouble with trying to save cash when dealing with your trade show booth, is that you don’t want to wind up with bland booth because you wanted to scrimp. However, there are quite a few ways you can save on booth costs without lowering the quality of your booth as a whole. The best way to save on booth costs, is by being flexible with your overall booth design. Not all exhibit halls are going to be the same, and you won’t always have the same amount of space to work with. Rather than buying new gear for each show, work with what you already have. You may have to leave out or add pieces to your booth depending on the amount of space you’re given, but getting creative with what you already have is an easy way to stay under budget.


Plan Ahead

The amount that you can save simply by planning ahead and ordering early really is pretty amazing. This is one of those things that is so simple, it sometimes goes overlooked. Just the act of planning ahead and trying to anticipate every cost will end up saving you on last-minute expenses that inevitably pop up. Ordering show services early can land you an early bird price that is significantly cheaper than the standard, or dreaded day-of, prices. Booking airfare and hotel rooms early will also net you a steep discount on pricing, and you won’t be scrambling at the last minute for a flight with a four hour layover.

So you may not have the most extravagant or forgiving budget to work with for your trade show exhibits, but that doesn’t mean you can’t put up an eye-catching booth. Follow these tips, and you can wow attendees without spending a fortune.

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