3 Ways To Power Up Your Pop Up Display Traffic

Use Pop Up Displays to Create More Traffic To Your Booth

Time is just as important a component as size and location in evaluating the efficiency of your tradeshow display. You want to invest as much of it as you can in networking and engaging potential customers, not seeing to booth maintenance. For this reason, pop up trade show displays continue to be one of the most popular booth formats on the market.


Why are pop up displays so popular?

  • They take just minutes to assemble.
  • They are versatile: a pop up display can be used as a back drop; a podium or counter can be added to create a point-of-purchase counter.
  • Their lightweight but sturdy construction makes it easy to change graphics from event to event.
  • Because they’re so portable, pop up displays have a life beyond tradeshow events, and can be used in special in-store or office promotions.
  • And best of all, they’re among the most affordable tradeshow display systems.


Getting The Maximum Out Of The Medium

  1. Accessorize. If a pop up display is the main element of your booth, it should contain the visual information that will draw in traffic to your booth. Focus on corporate or product identification using clean, clear graphics. Podiums and banner stands are ideal pairings with pop up displays, serving to highlight your company’s products and services, or advertising a special promotion. Literature stands provide the best means of presenting specific and detailed information.
  1. Illuminate. Adding lighting to your pop up display is the best way to combat the often low light levels of many show venues. The use of a spotlight can not only help make your graphics easier to see, but add a considerable amount of visual appeal to your booth. Adding lights to banner stands is another way to make your booth stand out on a crowded floor.
  1. Activate. Nothing is worse than a dead booth. It reflects badly on the company, and once the doldrums set in, it can be hard to shake them. A good way to counteract the slowing down that happens from time to time is to offer some multimedia component to complement enthusiastic and friendly booth staff. Periodic educational offerings, product demonstrations, drawings for giveaways – anything that keeps your tradeshow display from being simply reactive to foot traffic and instead makes it proactive in drawing attention and visitors to your booth is sound strategy.


A good pop up display is a great way to advertise your company in the crowded world of expos and tradeshows. Pop up displays are easily and inexpensively enhanced with podiums, counters, banner stands and literature stands, providing information and materials that make visiting your booth more informative for potential visitors. Visitors who leave a tradeshow display having learned something are likely to rate the experience a positive one.

Lightweight, easy and inexpensive to ship, pop up displays save booth staff time otherwise spent setting them up and pulling them down, time which can be directed toward making the contacts that drive your company’s sales.

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