4 Reasons Trade Shows Are Great For Small Businesses

Today we’re sharing ways trade shows and exhibits can help your small business grow and make a name for itself.

Trade show exhibiting can be a boon for large companies looking to show off new products or services, but does it hold the same benefits for smaller businesses, as well? The answer is a resounding “Yes!” Your small business may not be selling the same product as a large corporation, but you should never waste an opportunity to market yourself and your services. Trade shows can be an inexpensive way for a small business to show off products and build it’s clientele. With that being said, let’s take a look at some of the best ways small businesses can benefit from exhibiting at trade shows.

4 Reasons Trade Shows Are Great For Small Businesses

1. Building A Local Presence

Most small businesses rely heavily on the local market that they are based in. Everyone has to start somewhere, and trade shows are a fantastic opportunity to meet new potential clients or suppliers that are locally based. Working with local contacts can help reduce expenses because of more affordable shipping reduced travel expenses. Lower costs and great networking are opportunities that a small business can’t afford to pass up. Your local customers will help build a buzz about your business, and that leads us to the next reason for exhibiting.


2. Sending A Message

It can be tough for a small business starting from nothing to break into an industry with established players. Exhibiting at trade shows is a great way to build your reputation and get your company’s name out there. A well-designed booth, staffed by knowledgeable employees, sends a message that your company is a legitimate option for potential customers. Consistently putting up a great trade show exhibition is a surefire way to build a solid reputation. Help make a name for yourself by bringing your A game to every show  where you exhibit.


3. Onsite Sales

Trade show exhibiting is all about driving sales. Gathering leads and following up after the show are the most basic ways of making customers out of attendees, but there are other ways. It isn’t unusual for attendees to come to a trade show ready to buy a product or service at the show. An attractive booth pulls in these attendees, and your staff does the rest. You really can’t beat making a pitch and closing the sale during your trade show.


4. Media Exposure

Like we said before, building a reputation and marketing your small business are crucial if you want to see significant growth. Industry events like trade show exhibits often attract journalists reporting on industry trends and innovations. The bigger the show, the bigger the media outlets covering it, but even a smaller show with local media in attendance is great exposure for a small business. So think about your next trade show in terms of both the sales you make and the buzz you generate. Both of these are incredibly important for a small business looking to make a move into bigger markets.


Your business may be small, but that doesn’t mean trade show exhibiting isn’t for you. In fact, trade shows are one of the best ways to make sales, market your brand, and build your business.

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