4 Ways To Be Memorable At Your Next Trade Show

4 Tips To Help You Be Memorable At Your Next Trade Show

Every trade show exhibitor wants to get the highest possible ROI from their trade show visits. One very effective way to accomplish this is to make sure that your trade show display is not just attractive, but is memorable, too.

Attracting consumers to your trade show booth is all well and good, but if they don’t remember your company after the trade show is over, they’re not likely to become customers. 

So how do you go about making your trade show booth stand out in your visitors’ memories after the event? By creating a sense of anticipation before the trade show, and then making a real impression during the event. The following are tips to help you ensure that visitors to your trade show booth remember you long after everyone has packed up and gone home.

Trade Show Ticket

Attendees Watch for Giveaways at Trade Shows

1. Make use of pre-show marketing. Contacting prospects before the trade show to invite them to your booth is a great way to make them aware of the fact that you’ll be there. But simply inviting them is not enough. Give prospects a reason to visit your booth. Tell them about the giveaway they will receive, or the expert they will meet there. Describe the free food and drinks you’ll be handing out, or the prizes they could win by playing a fun game. You could even invite them to a presentation or product demo at a specific time. Just be sure to craft a compelling offer that will make them look for your booth specifically.

2. Ensure maximum visibility for your display. The more often a trade show visitor sees your display – and your branding – the easier it will be for them to remember your company. By using hanging banners, tall truss displays, or panel floor displays, you can ensure that visitors will see your trade show display from far away, and maybe even from an aisle or two over. Snagging a high traffic spot is also a great way to make sure that visitors pass by your booth and see your display again and again.

3.  Appeal to all the senses. Of course visual appeal is the first and foremost consideration in any trade show display. A professional-looking booth is a must. But don’t neglect the other senses, as well. Memories are cemented through combinations of multiple sensory experiences, such as sight and sound, or even smell. Try popping delicious-smelling popcorn, or playing upbeat tunes at your booth. Allow visitors to handle demo products to engage their sense of touch, or give out candy for them to eat. Wouldn’t you seek out and then remember a booth spreading irresistible smells or fun music throughout the trade show hall?

Entertainers Always Draw A Crowd!

Entertainer’s Always Draw A Crowd!

4. Use humor. Do you know anyone who isn’t more inclined to like and remember a new acquaintance if they’ve shared a real laugh together? By incorporating humor into your trade show display, you will not only capture visitors’ good will – you’ll become much more memorable to them, as well. Funny graphics or video displays are easy ways to add a touch of humor; or you could go all out and hire an entertainer. The more genuine belly laughs your trade show booth produces, the more memorable you will be.          

Try out a few of these tips at your next trade show, and then sit back and watch just how much higher your ROI will be. The key to a successful trade show exhibit is to create a lasting impression on as many visitors as possible.      

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