5 Steps To Trade Show Success

Take a look at some of the ways you can make sure your next trade show exhibit is a hit.

Putting up a successful trade show exhibit can seem like a daunting task. Pre-show marketing, booth choices, and even staff uniforms can make it seem like there is an endless array of decisions to make. An easy way to keep things simple and streamlined is by breaking up the process into manageable pieces. Don’t believe us? Try it before your next trade show and see for yourself how much simpler you can make your exhibit process.

5 steps to trade show success

1. Start With Social Media

The first part of putting together a successful trade show exhibit has nothing to do with the physical design of your exhibit. It’s all about how you market your booth and product or service before the show. Create buzz before the show on social media like Twitter, Facebook, or LinkedIn. Then keep it going during the show. An easy way to do this is by responding to social media inquiries, liking posts, and even starting a live Q&A session. This shows you’re actually interested in your followers, and not just using social media as a giant billboard.


2. Pick Your Space Wisely

Maybe you don’t have much of a choice about where your booth is set up, but that doesn’t mean you should just blindly choose any spot. Look for locations close to doors or intersecting aisles where heavy traffic will be passing by. Booth location can make a huge difference in the amount of foot traffic that stops at your booth.


3. Make Your Displays Work For You

Your displays and graphics are going to be the visual attraction that draws attendees from the aisles. Your graphics should be eye-catching, but simple enough that they can be understood at a glance. A sentence or even a few words that describe your company should be all you need on your graphics display. Let the visuals draw in attendees, and let your booth staff do the talking.


4. Find The Right Giveaway

Each company is different, but there are a few easy rules for choosing a promotional giveaway. First, make it something that a potential customer can actually use, preferably quite often. Seeing your logo and phone number everyday is a constant reminder of your company and your services. Second, make sure it’s a quality product. You never want to see your giveaway sitting in a trashcan on the way out. And lastly, try your best to be original. You won’t always be the only one with your particular promotion, but you never want to give off the impression that you’re simply following the pack.


5. Follow Up

This is probably the biggest one of them all. A disproportionate amount of leads gathered from trade shows are never followed up. There really isn’t any reason to put that much time and effort into your booth if you don’t follow up with the leads that you gathered at the show. Every show is an opportunity to grow your company, so do your best to get in contact and show why you should have their business.

Each trade show is a process. So instead of letting things get hectic, take it one step at a time, and make things simple for yourself.


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