6 Ways To Get The Most From Leads

Six Ways To Get The Most From Leads

You plan and set goals to drive foot traffic to your booth. You train booth staff to be friendly and helpful. You have the latest in hanging banners and lighting. In short, you exhibit to generate leads. But are you prepared to deal with the leads your trade show display can generate?

It’s easy to overlook the business of processing leads generated in the rush that leads up to show time. But the leaky ships start to sink when it comes to handing those leads.

Helping your sales team follow up is a critical component
of your exhibition strategy.

 6 ways to get the most from your tradeshow leads.

Begin Before You Begin

As part of your preshow prep it’s a sound idea to work with your sales team to craft a means of qualifying and prioritizing raw leads. The first step is to look at your lead form. Of course you have the spaces for company name, contact’s name, preferred method of contact, and the contact information itself. But do you use your lead form to capture demographic information? Few exhibitors do, and this makes sorting leads harder.

Ask And You Shall Receive

Asking the right kind of questions can support your sales team. Capturing demographic helps align leads with sales goals. So here are a few ways you can spruce up your lead form and reevaluate how you deal with leads.

1. Digital or Paper?

This can be the most fundamental question of all. Knowing your target audience is crucial to your entire sales endeavor. And this includes knowing and furnishing the preferred method your target audience prefers. The right format can be the catalyst to receiving much more useful information from leads.

And don’t forget to evaluate the means you use to reach out to customers.

2. Hot And Cold

Read your lead form from the standpoint of what your sales team needs. Is it furnishing the information needed to categorize that lead as hot, luke warm, or cold? If the game is all about intelligently allocating resources to leads, accurately reading the temperature of a given lead is a make or break way to zero in on a live lead.

3. Review

Like your trade show display, your lead form needs periodic review. A dated and worn pop up display, a nice literature stand with outdated product specs are counterproductive. So too is a lead form that is not periodically reviewed for relevance and utility.

4. Have A System

If you’re using technology to track and evaluate leads, be sure you are thoroughly familiar with how it works. Optimizing your system is vital to securing the best service, and the largest number of live leads.

If you don’t have a system, consider some formal process to prioritize leads and then distribute them for follow up. If you don’t have such a system in place, leads are probably slipping through your fingers.

5. Staying Timely

Leads are like clockwork. From the moment you capture one, it’s winding down, cooling off. If your attempts at processing leads are lengthy and your turn around in following up is widely spaced from the event in question, you are probably bouncing potential customers.

6. The Carrot

If you want the best from your sales staff, try rewarding your reps when they meet or exceed your goals in following up on leads.

Exhibiting is about forging contacts. But handling the leads your tradeshow generates can be more complicated that just calling and e-mailing every lead captured. By evaluating raw leads you can ensure that resources are channeled toward productive customer contact.


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