Adding Real “Pop” To Your Pop Up Display

Adding Real “Pop” To Your Pop Up Display

10' Fabric Pop Up Display

10' Fabric Pop up Display

Pop-up displays have gone from being the exception at trade show displays to the norm.  This means that it takes more effort to make your pop up display stand out from the many others at a trade show.  The graphics that you choose for your display can be the major factor that sets apart your trade show display from the rest.  The size of your trade show display can also make you stand out from the crowd, but you want to make sure that you strike a reasonable balance between the size of your display and the amount that you budget to spend on your display.

Before you purchase your pop-up display you need to at least have a general idea of what you want the graphics on the display to look like.  You can then take these ideas to the company that is going to produce the display for you and working together you can craft a display that will generate the trade show traffic that you desire.

Dramatic lighting can be a subtle way to make your pop-up display stand out from the crowd.

Lighting of course is important first and foremost because you want customers to be able to read the information on your pop-up easily.  Dramatic lighting can highlight information about your company that sets it apart from the pack.  To make the best use of lighting it should be included as part of the discussion about the design of your display and the setup of your booth space.

Pop up lights are designed to attach to the channel that runs along the top of most pop up displays.  These lights are idea for highlighting specific portions of your display.  It is important to place the lighting in such a way that it does not create bad glare spots on the display.  In addition to keeping extra lighting on hand as a part of your gang box you should also keep extra bulb and mounting equipment on hand.  If your lights are heavy, be sure to enlist some help on the day of the trade show to get things set up so you don’t hurt yourself or end up having to skip the lighting at the last minute because you can’t set it up alone.

If it is within your budget to invest in one of the larger displays a gullwing or serpentine model is the best way to make use of space and create a display that is visually appealing and unique.  While these models require a larger initial investment if they produce the desired results at the trade shows you attend then they are well worth the investment. The bottom line is that if you want your pop-up not to fade in with the masses at your next trade show you need to spend some time planning the graphics and the lighting with your trade show display supplier to produce the maximum effect.

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