At Trade Shows Good Graphics Matter

Good Graphics on your Displays and Literature are a Must at Trade Shows

When you factor in the amount of time it takes to prepare for a trade show, the number of staff who has to be there for the duration of the show to man the booth, travel cost, and registration fees, trade show marketing can be expensive. You want to make sure you make the most out of each event.

Since promoting yourself at a tradeshow can be costly, it’s natural to look for areas where you can cut costs, and save a few dollars. The area where many of the businesses that frequent trade shows try to save money is by removing some graphics from their displays and handouts. While this does reduce the overall cost of marketing yourself at a trade show, it also generally turns out to be a mistake.

Retractable Banner Display

Retractable Banner Display

What you need to keep in mind is that approximately 90% of the trade show attendees are not going to have a clue about your business or know what it does before they arrive at the trade show. The whole point of you being there is so that you can educate them. The graphics you use are going to be a key aspect of this education.

The first thing the graphics that you use to dress up your display does is catch the eye of the attendees as they pass by. This is important. When the graphics catch a person’s eye, they are far more likely to stop. The more interesting and better quality the graphics are, the more people who are going to stop at your booth.

Ideally, every single person who stops at your trade show booth will have an opportunity to talk to the staff members who are manning the booth. Sadly, things don’t always work out that way. You can only send a limited amount of people to work at the trade show and they can only talk to so many people at a time. If the booth is busy, some people aren’t going to get spoken to. As long as you have good graphics, the fact that no one was able to talk to the person isn’t going to be as big a deal. Good graphics tell a story about what it is that you company specializes in, what the working conditions are like, and how your business is an asset to the community.

In addition to the use of good graphics as part of your display, the material that you pass out also needs to be loaded down with good graphics. The graphics on the material you pass out to the individuals who make a stop at your booth will accomplish two things. Graphics make your literature stand out from all the other literature that the person collects while they are attending the trade show, and considering the sheer volume of information people gather during the course of a trade show, standing out is very important. The graphics that you print on your literature should be very similar to the graphics you use as part of your display. By seeing the graphics again, the person reading the information will have an instant flashback visiting your booth and will easily be able to connect the literature to your business.

Keep in mind that the graphics you use for the trade show have to be the best possible quality. Not only should they provide insight about your company, but they also need to be clear. Try to choose graphics that are going to set you apart from all of the other businesses who also have booths at the trade show.

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