How To Choose A Winning Trade Show Team

Use these tips to help decide which employees you choose to man the booth at the your next trade show.

There are plenty of ways you can improve the appearance of your trade show booth. Eye-catching displays and graphics will draw in attendees, but do you have the right people at your booth to talk to them? A trade show booth is only as good as the employees you have staffing it. Keep that in mind when you are deciding on which employees will be attending the show and working with potential leads. Everyone has different strengths and weaknesses, and knowing your employees’ strong suits is key to deciding who stays and who goes. Take a look at some of the ways you can put together the best trade show team possible.

how to choose a winning trade show team

Be Up Front

One of the easiest, but most important, steps you can take is to keep your lines of communication open. Let your staff know up front what you expect from them, and list goals and objectives you want to meet for each show. Outlining your plan for each trade show ahead of time means you are all on the same page, and your staff will know exactly what you would like to see from them.


Know Your Staff

The right attitude is a huge part of what makes a trade show staff successful. Your employees each have their own unique personality, and it’s up to you to decide which will be a good fit for your trade show booth. You may have some great employees that simply aren’t thrilled by the idea of flagging down and speaking with strangers all day. It’s best to find outgoing individuals in your company that can easily handle a full day at the trade show.



Each trade show is an excellent opportunity to market yourself and sell your product. So it makes sense that you want the best and most experienced members of your staff on hand. This doesn’t mean that you can’t send an inexperienced employee; it just means that you may need to work with them beforehand and let them know your expectations. Putting a new trade show staffer in a booth with some of your more experienced employees is also a great way to ease them into things. You don’t want to wind up relying on the same people over and over without having someone to step up in a pinch.


Spread The Love

Potential leads are going to have a lot of questions for your staff, and want to have someone on hand to answer every one of them. Bringing staff from different departments ensures that there will be an answer or explanation for any question that comes your way. Your salespeople should obviously be knowledgeable about your product, but it doesn’t hurt to have staff members with expert knowledge about the product ready to provide details. Attendees can tell when an explanation isn’t quite as in depth as it could be. Give your team the ability to tackle any query by including multiple departments.

Take a little time before your next trade show to evaluate your staff and booth. Preparing your trade show staff ahead of time will take a lot of pressure off both you, and the employees manning the booth.

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