How To Get The Most Out Of Your Graphics

Want to take your trade show booth’s graphics to the next level? Help yourself out by following these tried and true tips.

It’s no secret that the better your booth looks, the more traffic you are going to attract. The graphics you display on your trade show booth can come in all shapes and sizes, but to truly stand out, you should always be thinking about new ways to get your message across. The graphics you choose to put on your display can have a big impact on how attendees perceive your booth, as well as your company. Maybe you’ve had past success, but want to try something new. Or maybe your current design just isn’t cutting it. Whatever the case, take a minute to read up on your options, and we’re sure you will come away with some great new ideas.

How To Get The Most Out Of Your Graphics

• Be Unique

It can’t be stressed enough, but whatever you do, try to make sure you’re the only one doing it. Attendees walking through the aisles will be drawn towards flashy graphics and displays, but what will really grab their attention is a display that is different from its neighbors. Tailor your graphics to your company, and your company only. Resist the urge to go with the latest trend or style, unless you feel confident that it is the best way to represent your business. If you know your business isn’t like the rest of the competition, then why would you want a booth that sends that message?

• Show Off Your Brand

The graphics you use on your display are the first thing that potential leads will notice when they approach your booth. This means you need to have graphics that send the right message for your company. This also means that your graphics, along with the rest of your booth, need to be top-notch quality. Poorly printed graphics tell attendees that you don’t really care, and an unprofessional looking booth is a direct reflection on your company. So take some time to make sure your graphics are well cared for and of the highest quality. Take some pride in your booth and you’re sure to see an increase in traffic.

• Keep It Simple

Attendees walking through the aisles will be basing their decision on where to stop on a single glance. If you only have a few seconds to get your message out, then it stands to reason you don’t want graphics that have long sentences or a confusing structure. Simple, clear, and to the point is what you should be shooting for in your trade show booth graphics. Anything more than a sentence or two is probably too much. The other upside of a short message is that is conveys a clean, professional air. Sometimes bigger isn’t always better when it comes to generating more foot traffic around your booth, so make those first few seconds count by putting up clear and concise graphics.


Graphics that look old or worn out convey the worst possible message to attendees. Your booth is a direct reflection on your business and services, and it would be a shame to represent them poorly. Go with graphics that are unique, well organized, and to the point, and you won’t be disappointed with the results.


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