How To Make A Small Trade Show Display Work For You

Whether you’re going into your first trade show, or are simply limited in the space you can use, check out these tips on making the most out of your display.

It’s easy to get caught up thinking that bigger is always better. A larger booth does have its advantages, but there are quite a few areas where a smaller trade show booth can be just as effective as its larger counterpart. You don’t need to break the bank on an imposing display to get the ROI that you’re looking for from your next trade show. Let’s take a look at some of the ways a smaller booth can be just as efficient.


10 x 10 Jet Truss Display System


One of the main benefits of a smaller booth is that the lower cost allows you to spend more on other aspects of your trade show strategy. Your booth is only as effective as the marketing behind it. If you have more money in your budget, consider using it to enhance your promotions and outreach before and during the show. A great promotional giveaway can increase traffic to your booth, regardless of the size. Spending some time and money on an aggressive marketing campaign will help make up for any perceived losses from a smaller booth.

You also don’t want to find yourself paying for the space for a big booth, only to find that the trade show has a lower attendance than you expected. Do your homework on your next trade show and figure out what kind of attendance you can expect.



Ask yourself if there is a real need for a massive booth that takes up your allotted space. Does that amount of space have a function, or does it only serve to show attendees that you can put up a big trade show booth? A big booth can come off as impersonal without an appropriate amount of staff and content to fill it. You want potential leads to feel like your company cares about them on an individual basis. A personal touch can do just as much for lead generation as a huge trade show booth.

A smaller booth is also more versatile for repeated uses. Not every convention hall is going to allot you the space for a giant booth, and having a trade show booth that works well in many locations can be a great advantage for your business.



A smaller booth may not have the same visual power attached to it as a much larger booth, but as they say, time is money—and a smaller booth takes much less time to set up and take down. Pop up displays can be moved without any special type of transport. Fitting them in a car or SUV is easy, and leaves you with one less thing to worry about. Use this time to network and market your booth appropriately. You can also focus more time and effort into the graphics on your display.


If you have the budget and space for a bigger booth, than by all means, look into your options. But you shouldn’t write off a smaller booth because you’re worried that you won’t be able to compete with the large booths at your next trade show.

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