Pop up Displays for your next Trade Show

Pop Up Displays

The term “pop up display” has become a buzz word in the world of the trade show industry lately.  Sometimes referred to as Pop up’s or Pop-up also, these displays are usually portable, lightweight, easy to set up and require little to no tools when assembling.

Let’s take a look at a few of the pop up displays we carry so you can get a feel  for what you should be looking for in a pop up. First, you can have pop up displays that are table top models or floor models. Depending on your goals for a particular show or many shows to come it’s a good idea to take a look at all the options available to you in today’s market.

Table Tops - The Table top pop up displays we carry are a pretty large category by themselves. There are a few sizes and styles you can choose from starting in the 4′ range and going up to 8′. The most popular styles are the panel displays and the graphic wrap or fabric wrap.

  • Panel Displays come in graphic or fabric. The graphic displays are beautiful with your own promotional products showing nicely on a table. The fabric displays can come in different colors depending on your company colors and have a Velcro receptive covering for you to easily attach your materials. Below are examples of a graphic table top panel display and a fabric table top panel display.
Table Top Graphic Display - Table Top Fabric Display

Table Top Graphic Display - Table Top Fabric Display

  • Graphic Wrap or Fabric Wrap Displays are more dimensional than a panel display. It’s easy to tell from a photo that they have a more 3D effect when looking at them.  Where the panel displays simply fold out for set up the wrap displays take a little more effort. The wrap displays are constructed of an aluminum tubed frame that snap together. The frame is very lightweight so no big muscles are needed and set up only takes about 7 to 10 minutes total to put together. (one person) I think these displays make a great showing at any trade show or business event even though they are not the largest type of pop up displays available. Below are examples of a graphic pop up table top display and a fabric pop up table top display.
Table Top Pop up Display - Graphic and Fabric

Graphic Photo Mural Wrap Table Top Display - Fabric Wrap Table Top Display

Floor Pop up Displays - The floor pop up displays can get very large in size yet still stay in the portable display category. Currently we carry 8′, 9′, 10′ and 20′ floor pop up displays. Like the table top’s you can choose from graphic or fabric and curved verses straight wall. The straight wall’s are great if your really tight on space in your exhibit booth.

The difference in the panel and the wrap displays are the same as above with the floor models. They are of course just bigger and sit on the floor instead of tables.  Below are examples of a 9′ straight wall pop up display and a 10′ curved graphic pop up display with fabric ends.

10' Pop up Displays for Trade Shows

9' Straight Wall Fabric Pop up Display - 10' Curved Photo Mural Graphic Pop up Display

As you shop and try to determine what will be best for you and your company a few things to consider would be:

  1. Will this display be used for more than one show?
  2. How much room will you have in your booth?
  3. Do you need a display system you can build upon?
  4. What comes with the display price? ( cases and lighting are examples)
  5. Do I need to supply the graphics for my display?

These are just a few things to consider as you shop for a new pop up display or any other kind of display.

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