How to Prepare Your Staff for Your Next Trade Show

Make sure you have an approachable, motivated team manning your trade show booth.

It doesn’t matter whether you are a seasoned trade show veteran, or preparing your first trade show booth. Either way, the team you bring with you is going to have a major impact on your ROI from your trade show. Make no mistake, a great trade show booth needs to be aesthetically pleasing, but sometimes you can get so caught up with your booth’s presentation that you may lose focus of another critical aspect- the human element. A car doesn’t drive itself, and your booth is nothing without a smart, engaging staff to reel in attendees and produce potential leads. So what do you need to focus on when preparing your staff for your next trade show?

Well dressed workers with arms folded smiling at camera in the office

Appearance Matters

You’ve heard it a million times, but first impressions really do count. While you obviously want your staff looking professional, you also want them to give off an approachable vibe. This is why you might want to reconsider a full suit or other formal dress. Yes, they will be looking sharp, but making an attendee feel under dressed isn’t going to make them stop and chat. A great way to advertise your business while maintaining a friendly atmosphere is to provide your staff with shirts that have your company name or logo printed on them. Think along the lines of a polo shirt with the company logo on one breast, rather than a plain t-shirt with your company’s name pasted across it. This keeps your staff looking businesslike without coming off as intimidating.


inspire, motivate, improve notesKeep Your Staff Motivated

Ultimately, a staff that is motivated and ready to work the room at a trade show is a staff that is going to produce results. It can be easy for employees to begin to fade after several shows that might seem repetitive. So listen to them. Ask them if they have ideas about improving the trade show booth and be attentive to any issues they may bring up. Showing your staff respect and responding to their ideas will help you maintain a healthy relationship that will transfer over to their performance at trade shows.


Know When Something’s Wrong

Manning a trade show booth takes a lot of time and energy from everyone. Staying enthusiastic and motivated can be tough for employees, especially if they are exhibiting at more than just a few shows. Not everyone has the energy to stay upbeat and outgoing time after time, so talk to your staff. If they seem fatigued or burned out then take them off trade show duty for a little while and let them rest. Even the most social and talkative people can end up under a lot of stress over the course of a long day at a trade show.


A great way to avoid this situation is to train as many of your staff as possible to work the trade show booth. Relying on just a couple employees over and over again is only going to hurt your booth in the long run. The more people that can run your booth, the more flexible you can be in keeping staff fresh and engaged.


You may have an impressive booth, informative literature, and an exceptional product to sell, but it takes a motivated and friendly staff to run it all.

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