Setting Up A Killer Trade Show Display

Steps For Setting Up A Killer Trade Show Display

Every trade show display has one primary goal: to lure visitors to your booth. So what you offer needs to be arranged to provide visual appeal, something that will draws eyes and engage interest. And that’s not just mere aesthetics – more traffic means more leads, which in turn means more sales.

Every trade show display breaks down into two
components: main display and accessories.

Main Displays

This is the heart of your display, the central focus of your booth design configurations. What your main design element promotes is particular to your company and what you wish to brand. Consequently, unless there is a clear goal in place for your booth, the main display is rudderless – you can’t promote without something to promote.

Eureka Truss Display System

20×20 Eureka Truss Display System

Perspective is key. A good trade show display will have long, medium, and short range graphic elements to ensure your presence is clearly present and broadcast to the widest possible number of event visitors. Main displays fall into the short range parameter – it is the destination for visitors. Aiming for a line of sight about eye level, the main display should be warm, welcoming, and engaging.

Mains are your biggest investment in terms of your booth, because they more than any other element of a tradeshow display reflect the professionalism and status of your enterprise. You seek to achieve specific brand effects with your display by highlighting corporate identity and product lines or services. But the quality of the display itself in effect brands your company – a solid main display is money well spent, and an investment that will see returns in sales and leads generated.

Mains should create an organic, three sided space that fully engages visitors. This is the platform that will allow your booth staff to shine. Large panel displays or pop ups like gull wing or serpentine displays create a dramatic backdrop for a booth. Even better are truss displays. They lend themselves well to creating a well defined space for your staff to interact with visitors. A further advantage of a truss display system is the opportunity it yields of including in the same structure both long and medium range graphics to advertise your presence.

Lighting is a necessity in a main display. Offering a well lit venue for potential customers to visit is a solid way to impress visitors.


Accessories serve two purposes: to draw in customers long range, and to provide support for the main display.

Rectangular Hanging Banner Display

Rectangular Hanging Banner Display

While booth location is important, you can’t always hope to snag the best spot on the floor. But whether you’re up front and center or stuck in the darkest corner with the crickets, you can turn lemons to lemonade with hanging banners and aisle-side banners. By including lighting in these accessory elements you can broadcast your presence in just about every sort of expo conditions.

Literature stands are ideal to help support your main display. A casual visitor might be converted into a customer or a solid sales lead by offering product or service information in an attractive and convenient manner. Banner stands can be used to promote a particular product line. Even flooring can be used to support corporate identity or a particular product. Podiums, kiosks, and counters create places where booth staff can meet with potential customers in a one-on-one meeting. They can by used to process on site sales from your booth, or just offer a pleasant place to group booth staff around.

No matter how small your trade show display, breaking your booth down into a main display supported by accessory booth elements is a sure means of making your next expo your most successful yet.

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