Table Throws for Trade Shows

Table Throws: The Economical Professional’s Solution

Trade shows displays can quickly become very expensive propositions.  It is important to look for ways to strike a balance between professionalism and economy and table throws are an excellent way to take care of both needs.

  • Table throws can be customized so that you can get the name and logo recognition that you want at trade shows
  • Table Throws can be reused at almost every event.
  • Table Throws can quickly turn a minimalist booth space into an effective marketing tool.


Fitted Table Throws / CoversAt most events you will be provided with a table, but usually the table is not in the kind of condition where you want it to be a focal point of your display.  Table covers can be used to quickly and efficiently hide unsightly display tables.

While a standard solid color table cover can improve the appearance of a booth, why not take the table throw to the next level by having it fully customized with full color graphics.  If you are looking for an economical option you can opt for a three-sided graphic table throw, since in general trade show attendees will only see three sides of your table throw.  By using the graphic services of the company that you choose to purchase the table throws from you can often get a better price on your table throws and ensure that the concept that you come up with matches the finished product.

Table Cover Case

Table Cover Case

In order to protect your table throws from damage when they are not in use it is important to purchase protective carrying cases.  These cases will also make it much easier to transport your throws from trade show to trade show.  In order to ensure that the table throws that you buy are easy to maintain you should look for throws that are machine washable.  This will make it easy to have the table throw spotless for every event.  Nothing is worse than a dirty table at a trade show.  When people start picking up your promotional materials and the table is left exposed, you want it to still look clean and professional rather than grimy or plain.  Table throws are the perfect way to keep things looking great.  They can also be quickly changed if someone spills a drink or drops something on top of the table that makes a mess.

To be ready for  any emergency, because let’s face it trade show booth spaces are not always how we expect them to be, table runners can cover any size table and allow you to create a professional marketing space.

Table Runner - Table Cover

Table Runner - Table Cover

An emergency table runner in the gang box is never a bad idea, especially if you are headed to a trade show venue that you have never visited before.  Most table runners can be silk-screened with custom images, so again this is another excellent time to get in touch with the graphics department of the trade show display supplier that you choose to work with.

When you are starting out in trade shows your limited budget will likely be the determining factor for many of your display decisions.  Table throws are an economically efficient way to make your booth space look professional, so as you are just beginning in your adventures with trade shows they are definitely the kind of investment that you want to make.  You may not be able to afford to have every aspect of your display customized initially, but customized table throws are an affordable option for your trade show display that you should take advantage of.

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