Tips for Keeping Your Staff Motivated when it Comes to Trade Shows

Tips for Keeping Your Staff Motivated when it Comes to Trade Shows

While setting up a display booth at trade shows may provide you with an excellent marketing opportunity, they can take a toll on your staff. To encourage maximum participation and attendance, most trade shows take place during the weekend, meaning that instead of hanging out with their friends and family, your staff will be working. On top of having to give up their free time, even the most social employee will feel stressed and tired after working with people all day. The average day at the trade show can be really long. Not only does your staff have to be at the show during the regular hours, they will also have to get there before the show to set up the display booth, and will stay late tearing it down after hours. It’s easy for the staff to burn out.

As an employer, it’s your responsibility to keep them motivated and enthusiastic.

Don’t put yourself in a position where you only have a couple of staff members who can attend the trade show. The more people you have trained to manage the booth, the more you can change things up, and decrease the odds of your staff losing their motivation.

Make things happen at trade showsLearn What Makes Your Staff  Tick

You need to take some time to get to know the staff that you’re sending to the trade shows. Get to know a little bit about each person you plan to send to upcoming trade shows and find out what’s going on in their life. By taking the time to learn what makes each member of your staff tick, you’ll have a better idea about what you can do to help motivate them should they get burned out. You’ll also find that you can use this information to decide which trade shows will be a good match for a particular staff member.

Pay Attention

Pay careful attention to the staff members that you send to the trade shows. You’re looking for indicators of fatigue. As soon as you get the impression that an employee has started to burn out, you’ll want to pull them off the trade show rotation for a few months and give them a chance to recuperate.

Listen to Their Thoughts and Opinions

The employees you send to the trade show put in a huge amount of time and have to be upbeat and enthusiastic the entire time they’re at the trade show, this uses up an incredible amount of energy. They have earned your respect. When they come home from a trade show and approach you with ideas and thoughts about what can be done to improve your trade show presence, you owe it to the staff member to listen to what they have to say. Not only does this prove that you do respect your staff, but that they’re also an important part of your promotional team.

Sometimes You May Need Outside Assistance

If you find that your entire staff seems to have lost their motivation when it comes to going to shows and promoting your business, it’s possible that the time has come for you to seek help from an outside source. There are a surprising number of consultants who specialize in the field of trade show motivation. This person will be able to meet with your staff and light a fire underneath them, triggering their enthusiasm for upcoming shows, and once again making them an effective marketing team.

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